Favori Reklam

Favori Reklam: Women Entrepreneurs Sail Together

Refiye Erişçi’s passion for visual arts and design inspired her to start Favori Reklam, a design and production company that specializes in booth creation, stage setup and promotional material for events out of Istanbul.  

In 2017, Ms. Erişçi received her WEConnect International Certification and began attending WEConnect International events to broaden her reach. At those events, she met with corporate members of Marriott Bonvoy and Microsoft, and through these connections gained successful contracts with both.  

“Today’s business world is all about networking,” Ms. Erişçi says. “The contribution from WEConnect International in terms of this networking is excellent. To meet with people from various kinds of sectors and markets helped us expand our business,” she added.  

It hasn’t always come easily. When asked for her advice for young female entrepreneurs, she told us they need to know that they are not alone.  

“Those ups and downs are always a natural thing in business, and women need to continue without giving up,” she said. 

Ms. Erişçi shares this advice and her experiences as a women entrepreneur to younger generations through non-governmental and youth organizations.  

“I think to encourage young entrepreneurs or to be a role model for them is the most positive impact for society,” she says. “It should be our most important mission to know that we, as women entrepreneurs, are on the same ship and we should support each other in order to increase the number of women entrepreneurs in the world.” 

Ms. Erişçi plans to build her client base and says she’s excited for the future. She says the most important trend in her industry is the opportunity that digitalization brings, stating that, “virtual events will be coming soon!”