Cordé Électrique

Cordé Électrique Takes Accelerated Path to Finalizing Contracts

In the electrical wiring industry, usually a contract takes 1-2 years to come to fruition. And even after 10 years in electrical wiring, Lise Déziel’s company, Cordé Électrique, still took that long. But once the business certified with WEConnect International, partnership and contract negotiation have been accelerated.  

The Cordé Électrique story began in 2010, when Mme Déziel created her own enterprise after being in the electrical wiring field for 20 years. She founded Cordé Électrique to offer products that are both innovative and affordable. Using ground-breaking manufacturing methods, the company has grown from four employees in 2010 to 45 employees now. 

Mme Déziel attributes part of the company’s growth to joining WEConnect International in Canada. In June 2015, Mme Déziel attended the largest American supplier diversity conference for women business owners in Austin, Texas. In just a few days at the conference, Déziel met with GM, FCA, Toyota and other large corporations. These multinational corporations encouraged her to seek certification with WEConnect International.  

Following that trip and the certification, GM invited her to attend its own diversity trade show. She was also invited to attend a Great Lakes diversity show. The visibility created many new contracting opportunities.  

Now Déziel is considering expanding to the American market. She is optimistic about closing significant new contracts in the future based on her certification and working with corporations who promote supplier diversity and inclusion. 

Lise Déziel was named a WEConnect International in Canada WBE of the Year on Nov. 13, 2015!