Costa Rica
SB Café Los Santos

SB Café Los Santos Creates Limitless Potential, Company- and Community-Wide

Sindy Sevilla began her journey into the world of coffee when she founded a coffee shop, SB Café Los Santos, in 2009 in San José, Costa Rica. In pursuit of delivering the best coffee possible, she traveled to Tarrazú – an area in Los Santos known worldwide for its exquisite coffee. The area is located at an altitude of  1700-1800 meters, which allows the coffee berries to mature slowly and produce harder beans resulting in a concentration of rich flavors.   

After falling in love with the coffee in Tarrazú, Ms. Sevilla and her family relocated to the region. Now, SB Café Los Santos boasts that its coffee comes from this singular place, selling 100% Pure Arabica beans, using no industrial sugar or chemical additives. Its business sustains most of the locally grown coffee and provides support to women entrepreneurs in all aspects of the Costa Rican coffee industry.  

Sevilla is passionate about family, empowering women-owned businesses and what it takes to become an entrepreneur. 

“Being an entrepreneur requires perseverance, an open mind, innovation and leadership,” she says. “I go as far as my mind’s eye can see and I am limitless and full of potential, doing right for my business and most importantly for my family and community.” 

Sevilla secured WEConnect International certification for SB Café Los Santos in 2016. All of her products now display the Women Owned logo.