Azamasu Labs

Harmony in Media: Sae Yankawa’s Journey of Dreams at Azamasu Labs

Step into the inspiring journey of Sae Yankawa, the driving force behind Azamasu Labs, a Tokyo-based media and information production company. With a team of two executives and three part-time workers, Azamasu Labs has carved a niche in video, event, web, and social media operations. Sae’s story is not just about business; it’s a tale of personal growth, resilience, and finding purpose in the world of media.

From Kyoto to the Limelight
Hailing from Kyoto, Sae sought solace in television amidst her mother’s battle with leukemia. Breaking free from familial expectations, she abandoned the world of accounting to ascend through the ranks of media, starting as an announcer and triumphing in TV program production.

WEConnect International’s Tapestry of Opportunities Unfolds for Azamasu Labs
Collaboration with WEConnect International served as a gateway to global opportunities. Grateful for the chance to bid on projects, Sae eagerly anticipates contributing her media prowess to a broader audience.

Impactful Journey
In a landmark collaboration facilitated by WEConnect International, Azamasu Labs proudly secured a contract with an industry giant in the pharmaceutical industry. The crescendo of success reached its pinnacle during the DEI Conference 2023, a groundbreaking event held for the first time in four years. Themed “Diversity Wonderland: Building a World of Diversity and Empathy with Everyone,” this monumental occasion became the cornerstone of Azamasu Labs’ achievements.

Azamasu Labs managed celebrity casting, hybrid delivery, and event direction, adding a touch of stardust to every aspect of the experience. The event unfolded with 800 online participants and 120 in-person trailblazers, reaching an archived forecast of 1,000.

Orders, Negotiations, and Logistical Mastery
Post a transformative experience at the WBE event, Azamasu Labs fielded orders from global giants. Negotiating prices and surmounting logistical hurdles tested the team’s mettle. Sae attributes their success to the guidance of Director Hirose and the invaluable lessons from WBE, ensuring seamless project deliveries.

Rise to Prominence, Pride, and Prosperity
Years of strategic networking and dedication crystallized in an event that mirrored Azamasu Labs’ core values. Financial gains cascaded in, fostering a profound sense of pride and confidence within Sae and her inspired team.

Bold Steps, Transformative Moves
Sae’s vision is clear – take decisive action and forge ahead. Advocating for fellow women entrepreneurs, she emphasizes that each strategic move transforms the industry’s landscape. Sae’s dreams for her team extend beyond individual success; they echo the harmony of collective achievement in the dynamic world of media.