Roberta Cury: Transcending Expectations

Roberta Cury, the driving force behind Transcury, has always been passionate about providing excellent transportation solutions for company passengers. Her business is not just about pick-up and drop-off; it’s about providing a safe and welcoming environment for passengers to feel comfortable in. This has been the core philosophy that has propelled Transcury’s growth and success over the years.

Bumps along the way
Roberta’s journey has not been without challenges. As the only woman among three men who had been with the company longer than her, implementing her ideas was a challenge. She faced numerous obstacles, including resistance to change and a lack of trust from her male colleagues. “I heard a lot of heavy stuff, a lot of NOs, but I continued to implement my ideas and proved my worth with tangible results. Today 80% of decision-making is done by me,” said Roberta. “I also overcame fears regarding negotiating with clients. I’ve always handled negotiations with men, and they’ve always challenged my ability. As I understood my business, it built greater trust and improved my relationship with customers,” she added.

No speed bumps could slow her down
To take the company to the next level, Roberta knew she needed to make significant changes. In 2017, she partnered with a psychologist, Janayne, to work with her collaborators and involve them in the company’s operations and activities. They created bonuses and benefits, held frequent meetings, training sessions, and provided motivational lectures. By focusing on her employees and helping them explore their potential, the team became more participatory, and the customers became more satisfied.

Roberta’s efforts paid off, and Transcury’s revenue increased by 110.7% from 2019 to 2022. Even during the pandemic, the company saw a 48% increase in revenue. In 2022, they closed a contract with BASF, fulfilling their goal.

Crossing paths for a successful journey
“In 2017, the Bayer buyer who was negotiating with us told me about the Bayer Mentorship project through WEConnect International that was taking place and sent me the link to participate in the selection. A few months later, we were approved for mentorship and from then on, everything changed. We explored a completely different world with this mentorship,” said Roberta. “WEConnect International made a difference in this trajectory, as it brought us closer to companies and to businesswomen with whom we are always exchanging ideas and experiences. Not to mention that being part of WEConnect International is like adding “5 stars” to our curriculum, generating great value for Transcury.”

The road ahead
Looking to the future, Roberta wants Transcury to be known as a company that provides excellent service, focusing on safety and hospitality. She plans to expand her business to different regions in Brazil, exploring new opportunities and challenges. Her dedication to providing exceptional transportation solutions, her determination to overcome challenges, and her commitment to valuing her employees make Roberta Cury a true success story. More power to Robert and may she rule the roads!


Website: https://www.transcury.com/

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/roberta-cury-transcury-3455b3a9/?originalSubdomain=br