Cakrawala Muda Mandiri (CMM)

Rika Agusmelda: The Remarkable Journey of Building a Thriving Language Service Agency

Rika Agusmelda had her aha moment when she attended the Women Business Owners Summit organized by WEConnect International. It wasn’t until then that she realized the crucial role women played in a country’s economic growth. Rika’s perspective changed, and she vowed to take her business more seriously – Cakrawala Muda Mandiri (CMM), a language service agency that she started with her husband.

The awakening
With newfound inspiration from the Summit, Rika pitched to the company’s shareholders to become the face of the company, which was unanimously supported. Drawing on her extensive experience as a professional English-Indonesian interpreter, she became the driving force behind CMM’s success.

Thriving against all odds
Headquartered in Jakarta, Indonesia, CMM started as a language service agency offering English-Indonesian translation services. Under Rika’s leadership, the company expanded its services to Asia Pacific, North America, Latin America, Africa, and Europe. With a team of just twelve employees, CMM managed to establish a highly productive and cost-effective working system, leveraging cutting-edge technology and attracting a network of over 150 female associates.

Overcoming obstacles and transforming weaknesses
“I had limited business knowledge. Financial management and human resources posed significant hurdles. I had to tackle these shortcomings head-on, seeking professional assistance to address weaknesses while enhancing the company’s strengths,” said Rika.

Fueling women entrepreneurial skills with P&G
In 2020, Rika participated in ANJANI program developed by P&G in collaboration with WEConnect International. This program aimed to empower women entrepreneurs through various skill-building activities. “Engaging with ANJANI gave me the opportunity to interact with fellow women business owners in Indonesia and worldwide. The program was so empowering with various skill building activities,” said Rika.

An invaluable network of support
CMM’s collaboration with WEConnect International gave them an opportunity to be introduced to major corporate brands such as Meta, Marriot International, Asian Development Bank, and more. Through business matchmaking events, CMM secured translation orders with fellow women-owned businesses globally. As a WEConnect International member, Rika no longer felt alone, as the network acted as a supportive community of women in business, encouraging growth and mutual support.

Expanding horizons, embracing opportunities, and giving back
By working closely with reputable agencies and fostering a close-knit network, Rika aims to provide opportunities for colleagues, particularly fellow mothers, to contribute to the language service sector while supporting their families. Rika’s participation in Vital Voice Grow Fellow 2020, alongside 45 other women business owners worldwide, fueled her ambition to become the leading language service provider in Indonesia and ASEAN, aiming to be among the top ten translation agencies globally by 2035.

A fulfilling journey beyond financial gain
For Rika, success encompasses more than just financial achievements. It represents positive personal changes, the freedom to pursue personal fulfillment, and the ability to give back to society. Expanding her business, employing more individuals, and spending quality time with her family are the cornerstones of Rika’s definition of success.

As Rika continues to navigate her remarkable journey with CMM, P&G and WEConnect International, her story serves as an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs, demonstrating the power of determination, adaptability, and the unwavering support of a strong network.