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PyJ Recreación y Eventos

PyJ Recreación y Eventos: Teamwork Fosters Surpassing Barriers

Paola Barboza Elizondo founded PyJ Recreación y Eventos in 2010 to fill a need in Costa Rica for an event management company that provides personalized service with the utmost attention to detail. It operates with the support of more than 40 suppliers and a staff of five people. 

One of the biggest challenges PyJ Recreación y Eventos faced was serving four of their business accounts at the same time. Coordinating with Coca-Cola, Hospira, Hologic and Florida Corporate), each one with their own requirements, schedules and individual managers was logistically difficult. But they met the varied demands by supporting each other through every event. 

“Definitely teamwork is essential and provided us excellent results,” says Ms. Elizondo. 

With a track record of success, PyJ Recreación y Eventos looked to expand their market and secured certification with WEConnect International in May 2014. By 2015, at a WEConnect International matchmaker event, PyJ Recreación y Eventos made initial contact with corporate member Sodexo. 

“Being a certified company opened the doors for us and gave us the recognition we needed,” states Elizondo. “We definitely owe the interest to be open to negotiate to our certification.” 

In particular, Sodexo appreciated the personalized attention and enthusiasm provided by the team. So, when Sodexo called to arrange a meeting, they had to juggle commitments to other events. But since organization is the company’s strength, they were able to delegate tasks and successfully satisfied the client without neglecting their current projects.  

“Unity makes strength: never to feel defeated by the barriers posed by the market, surrounding ourselves by people who support and value our work and being part of a network like WEConnect International, which values us as entrepreneurs are definitely valuable pillars!” Paola concludes.