Muriel Acat: Extracting essence and upping business presence

Prova is a true success story that exemplifies the power of courage, discipline, and focus. A third-generation family-owned flavor manufacturer, Prova has been transforming the food industry with its extracts, specializing in vanilla, cocoa, coffee, caramel, and other sweet brown flavors. Headquartered in Paris, Prova operates in 70 countries worldwide.

Facing the bitter side of business
Prova’s journey to success has not been easy. One of the biggest challenges was breaking through the barriers of male-dominated business practices. Muriel Acat was brought in by her father in her mid-30s. When she was appointed as CEO & President, there was a huge power struggle within the company. Her gender and age were a major concern. However, she demonstrated remarkable leadership by taking over her family’s company and working tirelessly to transform it into a global powerhouse.

Blending the essence of success with WEConnect International
Prova’s certification with WEConnect International changed everything for the better. As a women-owned business, Prova faced challenges in the highly competitive market. WEConnect International opened doors that were previously closed and provided Prova with the tools and resources to succeed. They have had companies in the US approaching them with enthusiasm once they learned they were women-owned. “Today, people approach me saying, we didn’t know you were Women-Owned! We need to talk! We need to do business with you,” said Muriel.

Savoring the sweet taste of victory
Prova is now a medium-sized flavor company, generating 120 million euros per year, with a global reach. Prova’s success story is not just about the growth of the company, but also about the transformation of its culture. The company has grown explosively and has transformed from ‘order takers’ to ‘high-end service and quality providers’. The company has a strong focus on customer service, quality, and technical capability. Prova is building three new manufacturing plants globally and adding a strong marketing focus. The company is also working on a “reverse diversity hiring” project to bring in new talent and expand its capabilities.

Prova’s story is a testament to the power of perseverance, determination, and the transformative impact of WEConnect International. The company’s success is a reminder that with the right tools, resources, and support, women-owned businesses can overcome any obstacle and achieve greatness.



Website: http://www.provaus.com

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