Pink Rose

Miyuki Hirose: From English Teacher to Trailblazing Entrepreneur

Miyuki Hirose’s extraordinary journey began when a chance encounter led her to assist foreign rugby players with their tax returns. Little did she know that this single act of kindness would unleash a flood of requests for her expertise. Realizing the untapped potential, Miyuki saw a chance to fill a void in the market with her unique skills and infectious enthusiasm.

Spreading harmony and pink magic
With a vision of creating a society where people from all walks of life could coexist harmoniously, Miyuki fearlessly launched Pink Rose in 2017. Armed with her dazzling English proficiency and ninja-like accounting expertise, she handpicked a team of four exceptional individuals who shared her passion. Together, they set out to provide support to around 20 clients, including contracts with sports teams.

Embracing growth, diversity and partnerships
Determined to turbocharge her team’s potential, Miyuki embarked on a thrilling adventure at the P&G Academy. With her eyes sparkling with curiosity, she absorbed invaluable knowledge to ignite the talents of her crew and infuse diversity into every strand of Pink Rose’s DNA. Little did she know that this whirlwind experience would unlock the secret of branding – a key ingredient in her quest for success. Inspired by her academy escapades, Miyuki realized that Pink Rose needed to forge an electrifying path of its own. Armed with her newfound branding expertise, she joined WEConnect International as their Japanese market leader. This partnership allowed her to shine the spotlight on supplier diversity, amplifying the voices of women managers who were as fierce and unstoppable as she was.

Overcoming challenges, finding inspiration and building a community
Throughout her journey, Miyuki encountered numerous challenges, often facing gender bias and underestimation as a female business owner. Unfazed by these obstacles, she found inspiration in a vibrant community of certified female entrepreneurs, considering them as her benchmark and source of motivation. Through unwavering dedication and an indomitable spirit, Miyuki successfully built a thriving business that provides unparalleled support to foreign athletes and their families in Japan. Her vision of fostering a society where people can live and work together harmoniously, irrespective of nationality or other factors, is gradually materializing. Miyuki’s journey serves as a true inspiration to entrepreneurs worldwide, proving that with hard work and determination, one can achieve remarkable success while creating a welcoming and inclusive community.
















Website: https://www.pinkrose.co.jp/about

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/miyuki-hirose-a303b1251/?locale=en_US