Mamma Bella


Sometimes growth comes from one simple decision. It happened when a large food services company that was founded in 1995, Mamma Bella, saw a change in leadership in Lorena Garcini. She saw opportunity for new business, unique networking and growth potential in certifying as a women’s business enterprise with WEConnect International 

In 2013, Ms. Garcini registered with WEConnect International and things took off. As a result of certification, Mamma Bella made connections with IBM and Accenture. From those simple introductions, Ms. Garcia was able to build relationships and earn their business. The company now provides employee cafeteria services at two IBM facilities and corporate catering for Accenture, serving 35 thousand guests monthly.  

Mamma Bella has also organized some corporate events for Manpower, and began working with Eurest and Pfizer. Acquiring these new customers has translated into a net monthly revenue increase of $30,000 USD (6%). Mamma Bella has also hired additional personnel and equipment, and it’s seen significant improvement in brand recognition due to the caliber of its customers.  

“I had previous experience with women organizations and I have been pleasantly surprised with all that I’ve received from WEConnect International,” says Garcini. “I’ve been invited to very important events where I’ve had the opportunity to connect with global corporate buyers. They have helped me grow my product offer[ings], and I’ve received very meaningful mentoring.” 

Garcini has ambitious plans for the future as well. She aims to connect with more WEConnect International corporate members and expand Mamma Bella’s products and services. 

“We are looking into expanding our cafeteria line within corporations and our restaurant locations in Mexico City. We are also looking into creating bakery and dressing lines for large retail chains, such as Walmart,” she says.  

“I hope our case helps motivate other fellow businesswomen,” she adds. “Faith, work and effort can, in fact, help us reach our dreams!”