South Africa
Liyema Consulting

Liyema Consulting Quadruples Revenue

Managing Director of Liyema Consulting, Ayanda Mzondeki founded the innovative and technologically advanced staffing solutions company with a deep commitment to keeping people at the core of its ethos. Since becoming certified by WEConnect International in 2016, Liyema Consulting has secured new business with Accenture, EY, Sodexo and Ingersoll Rand.

Through the new contracts with WEConnect International corporate members, Liyema Consulting has nearly quadrupled its revenue and now has the ability to hire more local, talented employees. In addition to boosting the local economy through job creation, Ayanda uses her business to give back to her community.

“I can now provide better financial support and education for my family while contributing to the community through a variety of different volunteer projects,” Ayanda says.

However, securing new business with big-name corporations didn’t come easily. In addition to attending several matchmaking and training sessions, the Liyema Consulting team acted intentionally at every turn to produce the desired results.

“With all of the above-mentioned partners, it took perseverance, innovative solutions, constant emails, calls and meetings to understand their needs,” she said.

In addition to supplying to member buyers, Liyema Consulting now prioritizes working with other minority suppliers and continues to make an impact through its business model.

“The growth and connections realized through WEConnect International have allowed us to procure from other women’s business enterprises,” says Ayanda. “In addition, we plan to avail more training and development to our current staff and establish a STEM academy for youth and women.”

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