Tree Diversidade

Letícia Rodrigues: Tree Diversidade’s Mission to Transcend Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

Get ready to be inspired by Tree Diversidade – a company with a powerful purpose to create a world where everyone can thrive! Founded by Letícia Rodrigues, a finance and controllership expert, this company is making a meaningful impact on society by promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace.

Growing together
Through Corporate Education, DEI Consulting Services, and Inclusion & Development Programs, Letícia and her team empower people to create societal transformation. They work with companies and organizations to develop initiatives that promote gender equality, racial inclusion, and the inclusion of people with disabilities and LGBTQ+ community, generational diversity, among others.

But what sets Tree Diversidade apart is their ability to turn good intentions into practical initiatives that benefit everyone. “We recognized that many companies struggle with such initiatives. So, we created Academia Tree, a series of training courses that accelerate the development of talent from minority groups. Through this program, we have helped thousands of people reach their full potential and make a difference in their workplaces,” said Leticia

According to a Korn Ferry survey (Compensation survey), 85% of companies accelerated their efforts on diversity and inclusion in the last 12 months, but only 14% of companies rate their efforts as being very effective. And that’s where Tree Diversidade comes in. They have developed solutions that help companies face the challenges of diversity and inclusion, and their efforts have been well received. In just six years, they served more than 200 companies and impacted more than 50,000 people with their training programs. Leticia’s success is not just a buzzword – it’s proof that when we invest in diversity and inclusion, we can create a better world for everyone.

And the best part? Tree Diversidade’s impact is only growing! They have experienced three-digit growth and have even expanded internationally. Their team is diverse, robust, and filled with specialists who are passionate about making a difference. As a company with 100% female capital, they have extensively researched and utilized various tools and platforms to effectively connect with other companies who share similar characteristics or goals.

Growing roots with WEConnect International
One of Tree Diversidade’s biggest customers came from their partnership with WeConnect International. “Through this partnership, we were able to access a network of corporate buyers who were specifically looking to work with women-owned businesses. This helped us expand our customer base and win new business from large corporations who were committed to promoting diversity and inclusion in their supply chain,” said Leticia. In addition to connecting with new customers, Tree Diversidade also benefited from WEConnect International’s training and development programs, including access to financing, business coaching, and mentorship opportunities.

The company aims to continue doubling the number of companies impacted by their actions annually, generating social impact. Letícia, with her experience and expertise, has built a company that has made significant contributions to the culture of sustainable inclusion. So, let’s grow roots and cultivate a brighter future with Tree Diversidade!


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