SuperSeva Global Services

Kumud Sharma: Focusing on superior delivery and customer satisfaction on a global scale

SuperSeva Global Services won WEConnect International’s 2022 Rise to the Challenge Facilities Management Award sponsored by CBRE.

SuperSeva Global Services Pvt Ltd., based in India, is a single-window vendor for global enterprises providing end-to-end business support solutions in the areas of customer relationship management, human resources, managed services, back-office operations for finance and procurement and office administration. The company has grown an impressive 35% this year and its CEO and Founder, Kumud Sharma, expects it to grow 40% next year.

“Passion is very important,” emphasizes Kumud. “If I decide I want to do something, it happens. The commitment to do it is the first step; the ‘how’ comes later, but I know it’s going to happen.”

This confidence combined with her know-how is what led to the takeover of SuperSeva, a concierge company, back in 2005 when Kumud finished her courses at Indian Institute of Management Bangalore. There she witnessed first-hand the vast extent of the IT revolution in India and realized there was a gap in the market for top-notch services and delivery. Based on her experience as software developer for a software company in Germany and an electronics and telecommunications engineer by training, Kumud recognized that a coded concierge tool and managed services automated IT platform would help streamline the industry.

Thus, SuperSeva was diversified as a business-to-business (B2B) support services company focusing on superior delivery and customer satisfaction in 2009. Her service was such a success that eventually Kumud’s clients requested that her platform extend to their clients as well, with services like front office management, procurement solutions and many more.

“We talk to clients and understand their individual needs and expectations,” Kumud explains. “Then we come up with a strategy to automate their processes and deliver the appropriate management solution.”

Under Kumud’s leadership, the company has routinely launched a new support service every year since 2009 and now supports eight to ten different product lines. These products are fully automated to ensure consistency in delivery and have transparency in the system. As a next step, her team is developing analytics tools to have proactive approach and provide more insights to clients. SuperSeva now operates in 30 cities across India and has more than 800 employees.

WEConnect International has played a significant role in SuperSeva’s growth trajectory since Kumud got certified in 2012. “I already had 70 clients, but I knew I could benefit from the networking and additional support and introductions a professional network with WEConnect International could offer,” she shares.

In 2015, for example, she met with a manager from EY at a global diversity program—that day she closed a deal right there at the buyers’ meeting organized by WEConnect International. But the network hasn’t just introduced Kumud to new corporates; it has also elevated SuperSeva’s reputation and provided additional focus from existing clients. One of these clients is IBM, a client of hers since 2009 under a small contract of $US5000; today as a certified woman-owned business with WEConnect International, the business has grown to $US2.5 million.

SuperSeva’s large client portfolio extends across industries like IT, e-commerce and manufacturing. Among its large multinational clients are companies such as IBM, Concentrix, CBRE, Kyndryl and ExxonMobil. In 2021, SuperSeva gained its first client outside of India in the U.S.—and Kumud plans to add at least five new clients in the U.S. and Europe next year.

“Our first international client was extremely satisfied with our services, giving us the confidence we needed—we now know we can deliver successfully beyond India,” she says with pride. “We are multilingual and are going global with pitches outside of India.”

Yet, Kumud maintains her focus on improving business in India.

“I am proud to employ so many people, especially since unemployment is such a huge challenge in India,” Kumud says. “I also am happy to support many women in their careers as they balance work and family. I came from a similar background and once needed the support that I am now happy to give as an employer.”