Jacke Tan & Jasmin Tan: The Agency That Could

In a small corner of Singapore, a group of passionate individuals came together to start their own advertising agency. Founded in 2003, Whitewords emerged from a visionary dream to transform lives through the power of exceptonal design. Jacke Tan, the founder of Whitewords and a renowned multidisciplinary creative designer, joined forces with Jasmin Tan, a former Private Banker known for her exceptional business acumen, to bring this remarkable vision to fruition.

From humble beginnings to mighty success
In 2015, Whitewords embarked on a journey alongside a team of highly experienced creatives and medical writers, amassing over 20 years of expertise. Through this evolution, Whitewords emerged as an exceptional integrated creative advertising and medical communications agency, specializing in strategic campaign development for the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors in the region. In parallel, they remain at the forefront of the ever-evolving market trends.

Converting challenges into triumphs
“One of my most significant challenges was remaining relevant during the pandemic. Despite the severe impact on the creative sector, we managed to collaborate with our pharma clients and effectively engage patients, caregivers, healthcare professionals, and the public through innovative digital initiatives such as online augmented reality and virtual events. These efforts not only allowed us to thrive personally but also enabled our clients to undergo a transformative journey, emerging stronger amidst the adversity,” shared Jacke.

From good to great with WEConnect International
In 2019, Whitewords achieved a significant breakthrough by joining WeConnect International and participating in the P&G Women Entrepreneurs Business Development Program. This partnership provided them with invaluable exposure to esteemed companies such as P&G, Takeda, and MSD. Through WEConnect International they were fortunate to receive mentorship from Paul Rogers, VP and Head of Global Real Estate, Facilities and Procurement for Growth and Emerging Markets at Takeda (Sg), which proved to be an extraordinary opportunity.

Jasmin, along with Jacke, eagerly absorbed numerous insights during their mentorship, empowering them to effectively manage pharmaceutical giants and showcase their capabilities surpassing those of prominent advertising agencies.

Bringing heart to patients
“I CAN WE WILL” a Singapore-based lung cancer awareness campaign by MSD, a WEConnect International member buyer, collaborated with Whitewords. Using insights and integrated strategies, the campaign achieved remarkable results: 1.96 million impressions, 259.6k post engagements and video views, 20.4K link clicks, increased Facebook followership by 800% in seven months. “This project struck a personal chord with me as I was also caring for my mom battling cancer. Drawing from my own experiences, I infused authenticity into the campaign. It’s rewarding to contribute to a platform that helps more patients and caregivers like myself,” said Jacke

Overcoming challenges and changing lives
Whitewords goes beyond business, they advocate for sustainability by adopting a hybrid work model, reducing carbon footprints, and embracing digital over print. They prioritize their team’s well-being with a fair and flexible work environment that promotes work-life balance.

“I’m genuinely excited about the future and eagerly anticipate a world where women-led enterprises have equal opportunities to secure significant projects in our respective industries. Moreover, our goal is to bridge the divide between healthcare providers and patients, equipping individuals and caregivers with essential information to navigate their battles against illnesses. By empowering patients with knowledge, we aim to support them in their fight for better health and well-being. This vision drives us forward, and I am confident in our ability to make a meaningful impact,” concluded Jacke


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