FMT Turkey

FMT Turkey Wins P&G Deal with Mutual Honesty & Trust

For business owner Dilek Sultan Ayan, innovative, problem-solving entrepreneurship has been a lifelong dream. In 2011, Ms. Ayan fulfilled that ambition as she became the sole owner of fleet management support company FMT Turkey

FMT, which provides software-based outsourced fleet support and management services to businesses, has succeeded by filling a market niche for cost-cutting vehicle/transport operation systems in both Turkey and the United Kingdom. With the highly experienced fleet management experts they consult, at the end of 2012, FMT developed a cost-cutting software called “Filoxi,” which improves services for vehicle management and reporting.

Ms. Ayan has led FMT through many major developments: securing three patents for their market-specific cloud software, gaining major new customers such as the Sabancı Group in Turkey and multinational giant P&G, and significantly improving customer satisfaction outcomes. Her ability to navigate differences in the European and Turkish markets has expanded her portfolio of clients to more than 10,000 customers. 

FMT certified with WEConnect International in 2017, and the network has improved FMT’s visibility within the industry as a result. For example, Ms. Ayan was introduced to P&G by WEConnect International and the two companies have collaborated together ever since.

Reflecting on FMT’s success, Ms. Ayan underscores the importance of mutual honesty and trust in maintaining and growing business relationships. She notes that ultimately, “People buy from people, not from companies,” and encourages young female entrepreneurs to approach potential customers and strive to meet their needs as much as they can. 

Ms. Ayan also champions women business owners to always be perceptive and observant of new technological innovations.

“When you think there is no more you can do for your business to make it better, you are out of the market,” she remarks.

FMT was nominated for the WEConnect International Award for Fastest Growing Business in 2017.