Sprint Company Limited

Florence Kioi: Achieving Success with Vision, Grit, and WEConnect International Support

Sprint Company Limited is a remarkable business in the Kenyan marketing industry where it competes with established giants like Magnate Ventures, Alliance Africa, Livead, Firmbridge, and A1 Outdoor.  This is the story of how  Sprint Company Limited, overcame the challenges, thanks to determination, strategic partnerships, and a stroke of luck.

The Beginning of the Dream
Sprint Company was founded in 2014, but its origins go back to 2010, when Florence Kioi, the visionary CEO, started a small enterprise with big dreams.  She had a clear mission – to provide high-quality services in signage design, fabricate, and installation, as well as branding and supplying  promotional merchandise, and printed stationery. It was an ambitious goal, but it was a dream worth pursuing.

In the early days, entering the market was no easy. However, luck was on their side. In2015, the company got a chance to work with Telkom Kenya, one of the leading telecommunication companies in the country. This partnership opened doors to other major players, including Safaricom and Airtel. It was a turning point that showed that hard work and dedication pay off.

The WEConnect Advantage: Linking Dreams with Opportunities
Their ambition grew even more when they joined the WEConnect International network, a game-changing decision. WEConnect International connected them with large corporate clients, with Unilever being one of the first to notice their potential. Florence Kioi attended multiple member-buyer meetings, establishing valuable connections and opportunities for Sprint Limited.

A Growing Partnership: Sprint and Unilever
To date, Sprint Company Limited has successfully completed over seven purchase orders for Unilever Kenya as their trusted Tier-2 supplier. The journey, though challenging, has been filled with immense growth and transformation.

The Future
The future looks bright. Florence and her dedicated team have set high targets – their vision for 2024 is nothing short of impressive. They plan to work with over 100 large corporates across Africa and expand their staff to over 50 permanent employees. In addition, they are working tirelessly to increase their revenues sevenfold, demonstrating their unrelenting commitment to success. “Consistent follow-up is key to customer attainment, retention and satisfaction”, says Florence as she moves forward in her journey. They remind us all that even in the most difficult situations, with vision, grit, and a touch of Sprint magic, success becomes a reality.