100% Amazonia

Fernanda Stefani and Jo Alves: When Sustainability, Socio-Biodiversity and Success Come Together in Perfect Harmony

Fernanda Stefani and Jo Alves, the founders of 100% Amazonia, built a thriving business that not only generates profits but also helps protect the Amazon rainforest and its indigenous people, family farmers and traditional communities. They recognized the lack of quality, sustainable, and traceable products in the market and created a solution that benefits both the environment and the people who live in it. Through their innovative approach, 100% Amazonia created bridges between Amazonian communities and companies, promoting sustainable practices and supporting the local economy. They have successfully translated the richness of the region into over 50 products made with 25 botanical species, which are now sold in more than 65 countries.

Reaping a harvest of impact
The Aryiamuru program, which they launched to guarantee the economic autonomy and role of indigenous communities, has conserved over 110,000 hectares of forest in 2021 and impacted over 200 families. In 2022, the program expanded to support 590 families and conserve over 168,000 hectares of forest.

From forest to market: Connecting and creating a sustainable future
Joining WEConnect International provided 100% Amazonia with several benefits that have helped them expand their business and promote their mission. They have been able to connect with other women-owned businesses and establish partnerships. As a predominantly women-owned business that is aligned with the UN Global Compact and a participant in System B, their affiliation with WEConnect International has helped them build their reputation and attract more clients who share their values and beliefs.

Scaling up sustainably
Their expansion into a new factory is another milestone in their success story, using technology in the service of nature and promoting large-scale regenerative agriculture projects. Through collaboration with WEConnect International, they aim to spread awareness about their mission and work towards generating jobs and income for more women.

Their dedication to socio-environmental assets and the support of women entrepreneurs has earned them recognition, with Fernanda Stefani awarded “Entrepreneur of the Year” (EY Brazil – 2021) and Jo Alves as a winner of the Winning Women Program | EY.

Overall, the success story of 100% Amazonia is a testament to the power of entrepreneurship in driving positive change in the world, by combining innovation with social and environmental responsibility.

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