Global Forwarding

Enrica Centorame: From Entrepreneurial Leap to Global Success

Driven by a desire to establish a customer-centric environment and a flexible workplace, Enrica Centorame took a courageous leap into entrepreneurship. Her goal was clear: to build an organization that prioritized customer satisfaction and provided a supportive and adaptable atmosphere for team members.

Rooted in work ethic: A heritage of entrepreneurship
Enrica’s roots in entrepreneurship run deep, inherited from her self-employed parents who immigrated from Italy. Their relentless work ethic became the cornerstone of her entrepreneurial spirit, propelling her forward on her path to success.

Overcoming challenges: A leap of faith
The early days of Global Forwarding were no easy ride. Enrica encountered a work environment that failed to meet her expectations, but instead of succumbing to the challenges, she chose to rise above them. Even the global financial crisis couldn’t deter her. She took it as an opportunity to forge her own path, taking off on an exciting journey toward building her dream company.

Finding purpose and realignment
To overcome the obstacles that lay ahead, Enrica embarked on a transformative quest to rediscover her purpose and realign her values. Her work with indigenous students became a catalyst for change, and a chance encounter with Jasmin Herro introduced her to the power of supplier diversity. Enrica’s eyes were opened to the profound impact it could have, fueling her passion even further.

Discovering New Horizons
Everything changed when Enrica attended the NMSDC Conference. “It was a turning point that gave me a comprehensive understanding of supplier diversity and connected me with valuable networks like WEConnect International and WBENC. Armed with newfound knowledge and a relentless drive, I pursued certification as a woman-owned enterprise, investing two years to upgrade software, strengthen management, and secure the necessary resources. And it was totally worth it,” said Enrica.

Transformative partnerships
“In 2021, through our collaboration with WEConnect International, we connected with David Immanuel Sihombing from Unilever. David is the ANZ Procurement Manager for Packaging, Capex/MRO, and leads the “Supplier Diversity” project for the ANZ market. Unilever aims to spend €2 billion annually with diverse businesses worldwide by 2025. We discussed Customs Clearances and Deliveries into NSW, with our pricing aligning well with Unilever’s current rates. This opportunity allowed us to strengthen our association and expand our capacity,” said Enrica.

“The impact of Cummins South Pacific and Unilever on Global Forwarding cannot be overstated. These two contracts were transformative, enabling us to not only weather the storm of the Covid-19 pandemic but also emerge as a resilient entity. In 2022, we proudly achieved the esteemed status of being recognized as an Australian Trusted Trader. These contracts and our accreditation have propelled Global Forwarding into the coveted Tier 1 space, empowering us to compete fiercely with multinational corporations in terms of both pricing and service excellence,” she added.

Advocating for Change: Empowering Women-Owned Businesses
Looking ahead, Enrica Centorame envisions a future where women-owned businesses have a more significant impact. She advocates for a Minimum Mandatory Requirement of 3% for Certified Women-Owned businesses in procurement, a progressive legislation that would unlock economic potential, foster capacity building, and promote social inclusion on a grand scale.

Global Forwarding’s journey is a testament to the power of perseverance, innovation, and unwavering commitment. It inspires entrepreneurs to overcome obstacles and carve their own path to success. By championing women-owned businesses and empowering economic growth, Global Forwarding is not only achieving individual success but also shaping a brighter future for all. Join this extraordinary journey and let it fuel your own entrepreneurial spirit!