Tridi Oasis

Dian Kurniawati: Transforming Plastic Waste into Valuable Resources

Dian Kurniawati, a former management consultant always aspired to be an entrepreneur despite her successful career in consulting. Witnessing the devastating consequences of mining operations in Papua, Indonesia, and recognizing the growing issue of plastic waste, she decided to pursue her vision.

Founding Tridi Oasis and igniting change
In 2015, Dian took a leap of faith, leaving her consulting career behind to establish Tridi Oasis. The company collects plastic bottles from junk shops and processing centers, breathing new life into them as carpets, shoes, bags, T-shirts, and packaging. They also empower local families by recycling low-value plastics and creating income opportunities from waste collection.

A series of successful partnerships, amplifying impact
Tridi Oasis gained momentum through strategic partnerships. In 2018, Tridi Oasis partnered with Circulate Capital, attracting financial support and market exposure. The investment, insured by USAID through the Save Our Seas Initiative, fueled rapid growth. Revenue increased by 300 to 400 percent, and Tridi Oasis expanded its processing capacity, reclaiming 250 million plastic bottles. Dian’s leadership skills also developed, thanks to the valuable experience and guidance provided by Circulate Capital and the expanded network of plastics recycling experts and potential buyers.

Tridi Oasis fortified its impact through collaborations with multinational corporations like Hewlett-Packard (HP). By supplying HP with ink cartridges made from recycled plastics, Tridi Oasis extended its reach and influence in the industry. The company’s dedication to turning waste into valuable resources resonated with partners who sought sustainable solutions.

Significant milestones with WEConnect International
Dian’s quest for growth led her to WEConnect International, where she participated in the P&G Women Academy Training.

“My collaboration with WEConnect International led to a significant milestone. WEConnect International officially launched an MOU with Alliance to End Plastic Waste, a Singapore-based NGO focused on combating plastic waste. We became a proud grant recipient from the Alliance, resulting in an invitation to participate in the WEConnect International Gala in 2023, where the MOU launch took place. Supported by WEConnect International, Tridi Oasis showcased its remarkable work on an international stage,” said Dian.

Collaborating for change
In its ongoing efforts to tackle the global plastic waste crisis, Tridi Oasis believes in the importance of homegrown organizations. They aim to create employment opportunities and inspire local entrepreneurship in Indonesia. To achieve their mission of recycling more waste into materials, Tridi Oasis recently formed a joint venture with ALBA Group Asia, a global leader in waste recycling. They also commenced the construction of a new rPET food-grade facility in Kendal, Central Java.

Tridi Oasis remains dedicated to its mission of recycling as much plastic waste as possible, transforming the problem into an opportunity. With the unwavering support of WEConnect International, Tridi Oasis continues to expand its impact and contribute to a sustainable future.

Website: http://www.tridi-oasis.com/

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/tridi-oasis-group/