Projex Engenharia

Danielle Thomé: From a teen dream to a business queen

Projex Engenharia has been dominating the civil construction market in Brazil for 54 years. With a focus on commercial and industrial works, the company has worked with big names in the agribusiness, food, pharmaceuticals, and fuel industries. And you know what they say, with great power comes great responsibility! The company always prioritized work safety, regulatory documentation, and quality.

Danielle Matachana Thomé always had a passion for civil engineering. She’s been in the business for a whopping 41 years! At 15, she was already asking her father (who founded the company) for a job. And now, as the owner director for six years, she’s taken Projex Engenharia to new heights!

Breaking down gender barriers with style
“One of the biggest challenges I faced was the age-old problem of gender discrimination. Yeah, that’s right – some people thought a woman couldn’t handle running a company in a male-dominated field”, said Danielle who worked hard to show them the girl boss in her.

Certification and confidence: A winning combination
Danielle found the perfect solution with WEConnect International Certification! She learned about WEConnect International through one of her biggest and oldest clients, Monsanto do Brasil. In 2016, she got certified, and boy, did that change things!  It transformed her into a more confident and assertive leader, and that is reflected in the organization’s growth! Since becoming WEConnect International certified, Projex Engenharia landed six huge corporations as clients in just six years! The company’s revenue grew by a staggering 200% in just two years! That’s some serious success right there! The company’s revenue record was broken last year, far exceeding expectations. Projex Engenharia was able to hire many more people, ensure their safety and well-being, and support social, health, and environmental campaigns.

Winning big and rocking the industry
Danielle and Projex Engenharia are living proof that nothing is impossible if you have the heart and drive to make it happen. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do something just because of your gender or any other factor. And remember, always put your mission before money. When you believe in yourself and work hard, success is sure to follow!


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