Daniella Ortega: Steering Success, Paving New Routes in Logistics Triumph

In the heart of Brazil, amidst the challenges faced by an electromechanical engineering company, emerged Velozter, a transport and logistics solutions provider founded in 2011. Fernando and Daniella envisioned a company that would redefine the standards of quality and reliability. Undeterred by the initial obstacles, the duo remained steadfast in their dream, working tirelessly to carve a niche in the market.

Onboard the Entrepreneurial Express
Daniella Ortega, armed with a degree in Business Logistics and a passion for delivering top-notch services, joined forces with Fernando as the partner and manager of Velozter. Their shared vision was not just a business; it was a commitment to redefining industry standards.

Navigating Turbulent Terrain
Velozter faced a multitude of challenges – from cutthroat competition to resource constraints and economic headwinds. Yet, with tenacity and strategic planning, they transformed hurdles into stepping stones on their path to success.

Route to Resilience
The journey towards success involved strategic moves, including exploring new customer segments such as Agribusiness, participating in a diversity supplier project sponsored by Monsanto, and establishing support centers in Uberlândia and São José dos Campos.

Cargo of Certification
To ensure the highest standards, Velozter invested in vehicles, employee training, and certifications. From Anvisa to Sassmaq and collaboration with Civil, Federal, and Army Police, their commitment to excellence was solid.

Freight of Fortune
The turning point came with Velozter’s partnership with DuPont, marking a 15 to 20% growth in operations, revenue, productivity, and competitiveness. This collaboration not only propelled the company forward but also positioned it as a socially responsible entity, prioritizing sustainability and diversity.

Logistical Triumphs Beyond Borders
After a 12-year journey, Velozter now boasts a satisfied customer base, a robust fleet, and a diverse range of services, including logistics operations, storage, and container terminals. Beyond financial success, Velozter contributes to environmental sustainability with an investment in a 100% electric vehicle, showcasing a commitment to reducing its carbon footprint.

Collaborative Interchange with WEConnect International
The turning point in Velozter’s journey came in 2018 when the company engaged with WEConnect International during a diversity supplier project. Recognizing the benefits, they pursued WEConnect International certification, opening doors to a vast network and business opportunities with multinational corporations. This collaboration became instrumental in expanding Velozter’s reach and strengthening its commitment to inclusion and diversity.

Entrepreneurship, as Daniella articulates, is about turning dreams into reality, creating value, and leaving a lasting impact. The partnership with WEConnect International has not only fueled Velozter’s success but also contributed to the broader goal of promoting women in the market and sustainable development. As Velozter continues its remarkable growth, Daniella encourages aspiring entrepreneurs to embrace challenges, believe in their ideas, and persist in making a transformative difference in the world.