Centro Humanista


CEO Ariadna Pulido was inspired to found her consultancy when she saw a great number of frustrated staff whose productivity suffered in government jobs. That perspective led her to form a new company, Centro Humanista, which advises organizations to make fundamental changes in talent development. The company upends the traditional approach to human resources management and focuses on uncovering the specific steps an individual company can take to create happier, more productive employees. 

As she began to broaden her client base to corporations, she discovered WEConnect International. Certification offered her supportive programs and the access she needed to new clients. 

According to Ms. Pulido, “I am sure that I could hardly have had access to so many corporate[s] without the support of this organization [WEConnect International]. 

Current clients include DuPont, Accenture and Microsoft, whom Ms. Pulido met at the annual WEConnect International forums in Mexico. These contracts alone led to explosive growth for the company–a more than 30% – 40% expansion. 

Now, Ms. Pulido sees big change on the horizon. Not only does she want Centro Humanista to continue serving corporations, she thinks there’s an important opportunity to help the entire nation and beyond. 

“My plan is to generate a Management 3.0 culture in Mexican companies and multinational corporations to generate a better understanding of multigenerational leadership.,” she says.