Brenda Walravens: Crafting a Healthy Revolution, One Crunch at a Time

Brenda D. Walravens, a young Brazilian with a penchant for wholesome living, stumbled upon a life-changing discovery during her trip to the United States – a delectable and nutritious granola. This chance encounter sparked a journey that would change not only her life but also the way Brazilians approached breakfast.

Upon returning to Brazil, Brenda scoured local stores for a granola that could match the taste and health benefits of the American one, but to no avail. Determined to recreate that morning magic, she embarked on a mission that would redefine her destiny.

Brenda’s Breakfast Revelation: A Transformative Moment
Brenda came from a family deeply rooted in good food and a passion for sports. The discovery of that special granola became her daily ritual, a breakfast that was not just delicious but also healthy and convenient. With determination she set out to make a sugar-free version that would surpass her newfound American favorite. After two months of tireless experimentation in her kitchen, Brenda achieved perfection. Her family was enthralled by the result, and she began sharing samples with friends and gym buddies. The response was overwhelming, igniting the spark of an idea – the world needed to experience her granola.

From the Kitchen to a Kitchen Table Staple: Crunching Numbers
With boundless enthusiasm, Brenda christened her creation “Granola BY” and took to Instagram to spread the word. The response was nothing short of phenomenal. Orders began pouring in, and within three months, her products graced the shelves of local stores.

Not Without Challenges
Running a small business from her parents’ kitchen meant that Brenda had to rely on her own earnings to fund her dreams. As Granola BY expanded, the challenges of limited resources became apparent. Personalized packaging, industrial ovens, and hiring qualified team members all required significant investments.

A Partnership with Purpose
Brenda’s encounter with WEConnect International’s “Women Owned” stamp piqued her interest. She delved deeper into their mission and decided to join forces. The partnership enriched her entrepreneurial journey. It was a slow but steady path to success. Brenda’s mantra was to grow step by step, one carefully considered investment at a time. It was a testament to her patience, determination, and unwavering belief in her product.

Five years down the road, Granola BY’s journey is nothing short of remarkable. She went from selling 454 granolas in 2018 to 11,542 in 2022. Today, the company boasts one employee in production and seven employees working across marketing, sales, accounting, and more.

A Vision for a Healthier Tomorrow
Looking ahead, Granola BY is poised for even greater success. In the next six months, they plan to launch three new granola flavors and undergo a comprehensive rebranding. Their goal is to reach even more stores across Brazil, championing the cause of natural and healthy eating.

“Always start with a simple version of your idea to gauge its reception, then craft a robust business plan. The road may be tough at times, but the key is to persevere, work diligently, and always remember that your health – both physical and mental – is an invaluable asset,” says Brenda.