South Africa
Pétanque International (Pty) Ltd

Simplifiying the Complex Leads PÉTANQUE INTERNATIONAL to Major Award

Passion for doing more with less lies behind Pétanque International ‘s unique offering. The boutique woman-owned business helps organizations change and improve performance by graphically depicting complex strategies and business processes in visual storyboards.They find that using them saves time, is engaging and interactive, which leads to more buy-in among participants. 

Managing Director, Dr Michélle Booysen, and her business partner, MJ Fick, have over the past 14 years built their business into a vibrant enterprise that won the 2014 Workflow Management Coalition (WfMC) Award for Excellence in BPM and Workflow. 

With a PhD in Economics and studies of the law, Dr. Booysen turns her substantial experience in strategy mapping, business planning and process optimization into solutions that make complicated business matters easy to understand. Ms. Fick attributes her business acumen to a strong background in Information Technology (IT), where complex change management and ISO information security standards were part of every project implementation. Together they aim to make a difference by building economies, one business at a time.  

The company’s relationship with WEConnect International began in 2012 when Dr. Booysen attended the Women Vendors Exhibition Forum 2012 in Mexico. There she heard about WEConnect International which was then three years old. After completing their WEConnect International Certification, Booysen saw great benefit in the relationships with member buyers and other women-owned businesses, which are a result of being part of the network.  

She says, “WEConnect International in South Africa is a valuable platform to showcase companies that are capable of playing in the corporate space on a global level.” 

But as one of those companies, Pétanque operates with a surprisingly simple credo: to learn, to share, to challenge, to connect and to enjoy the opportunities that come from working with clients on their organisations. And yet, despite such modest words, the company has set its sights on an ambitious goal. They plan to expand to Fortune 500 companies in the US, and increase revenue to $500 million (USD). 

For more information, visit www.petanque-c.com.