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Leading the Way: How Crowberry Consulting® is Making Meetings More Green

When it comes to sustainability consulting, few names carry as much weight as Crowberry Consulting® Ltd – Enabling Sustainable Futures. Founded by Becky Toal, Crowberry Consulting has become a go-to partner for organizations seeking to embed genuine environmental and sustainability best practices into all they do. Their latest triumph? Partnering with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to achieve ISO 20121 certification, the international gold standard for sustainable events.

Becky’s journey to founding Crowberry Consulting is a testament to her commitment to environmental stewardship. After earning three environmental degrees, it was the UK’s signing of the Kyoto Protocol in 2005 that inspired her to launch her own business.  Since then, she and her team have worked with countless organizations and many household names across sectors to integrate sustainability best practices and lower their carbon footprints.

A Meeting of Minds: Crowberry Consulting and the IMF

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) found itself at a crossroads in its sustainability journey. Tasked with managing high-profile events with nearly 10,000 attendees from 190 delegate countries, the IMF sought expertise to elevate their sustainability practices. They turned to Crowberry Consulting, whose track record in sustainable event management caught the attention of the IMF’s Sustainable Events Council (SEC) and Corporate Services Department (CFS).

Crowberry Consulting’s expertise guided the IMF through internal audits, gap analyses, and sustainable system implementations. Together, they developed a bespoke management system tailored to the IMF’s unique needs. The result? A comprehensive framework that not only achieved the international standards for event sustainability – ISO 20121 – but also aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

“Sustainability is a priority for the Fund, and I am immensely proud that we have achieved the ISO 20121 standard for our Spring and Annual Meetings, an important step in the right direction,” says IMF Managing Director Kristalina Georgieva, “The standard recognizes our many efforts; from offsetting the carbon emissions associated with participants’ travel to Washington, to eliminating single-use plastics from our cafeterias and catering, to establishing an Environmental Sustainability Council—each action highlights that the Fund is making strides to be more sustainable in our own operations.”

Empowered by WEConnect International

Crowberry Consulting’s success is inseparable from its engagement within the WEConnect International community. As one of the first certified women-owned businesses in the UK and a frequent face at WEConnect International events, they have diligently cultivated a network and forged meaningful connections with global corporations.

“We would not have had this opportunity to pitch to such large corporates if not for this network and certification status,” says Becky Toal, CEO. “The impact has been to improve our financial turnover and profitability along with making genuine friends over the last decade. For us it has been a very constructive impact to the business.”

As Crowberry Consulting – Enabling Sustainable Futures, continues to pave the way for greener practices, one thing is clear: the future of sustainability is in capable hands.

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