Anne-Marie Deslauriers: A Heartwarming Journey of Innovation, Resilience, and Making a Difference

In the ever-changing world of IT recruitment, DELAN isn’t just a success story; it’s a heartwarming journey filled with determination, warmth, and the courage to turn challenges into opportunities. Back in 1997, two amazing women, Anne-Marie Deslauriers and Louise Laniel, started DELAN in a cozy basement. Little did they know, this was the beginning of a tale that would brave the Y2K Bug and navigate through the uncertainties that followed 9/11.

The “1 don, 1 heure à la fois” Program – Spreading Goodness, One Hour at a Time
In the heart of DELAN’s success is a simple yet powerful idea: the “1 DON, 1H À LA FOIS” program. It’s not just about donating money; it’s about spreading goodness. For every hour DELAN’s IT consultants work, they donate $1 to charities like the Breakfast Club of Canada, Leucan, Centraide, and 60 Millions Girls. This isn’t business as usual; it’s DELAN’s way of saying, “We care.” And this caring attitude creates real change in childhood nutrition, cancer support, community development, and girls’ education.

Overcoming Challenges with a Smile
When the world faced the unexpected challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic, DELAN didn’t just adapt; it embraced change with a smile. Remote work became the norm, but DELAN’s commitment to clients and candidates never wavered. In every challenge, DELAN found an opportunity to grow and shine.

WEConnect International: Building Bridges of Empowerment
In DELAN’s uplifting story, WEConnect International plays a special role. Being a certified women-owned business isn’t just a badge; it’s like building bridges to new opportunities. DELAN’s network grows stronger within the amazing community of women in business. Certifications and training programs become steppingstones, not just for DELAN but for a thriving community of women entrepreneurs and professionals.

Looking Ahead: Spreading Warmth and Creating a Bright Future
After Louise’s well-deserved retirement, DELAN went through changes, including a buyout and a rekindled spirit under Anne-Marie in 2010. The family-oriented vibe extended to the next generation, with Anne-Marie’s son, Jean-François Charpentier, leading the way. As DELAN celebrates its 25th anniversary, the warmth and determination that started in Louise’s basement continue to brighten the company’s path.

Looking into the future, DELAN dreams big. DELAN wants to be a reference in IT recruitment across Canada, not just with a bigger team and a stronger online presence but with the same warm heart. The “1 don, 1 heure à la fois” program will always be there, reminding everyone that success isn’t just about achievements; it’s about spreading warmth and making a difference, one hour at a time.