Alison Eyring: From Small Seed to Big Success

In a world of big consulting firms and limited access to top-notch leadership development services, there was a STEM professional named Alison Eyring in Singapore. Armed with a Ph.D. in organizational psychology and a burning desire for sustainable business growth and social justice, Alison was more than just an award-winning author of ‘Pacing for Growth’ (2017) and an adjunct Professor at the prestigious NUS Business School. She’s also an accomplished endurance athlete, devoted wife, and mother of two.

Alison strongly believed that everyone should have access to world-class leaders, team, and organizational effectiveness services. But how to make that a reality? Alison invested more than half a million dollars over three years to incubate Produgie, a B2B SaaS company, under the umbrella of ‘Organization Solutions’, the global boutique consultancy she founded in 2000. But incubating was just the first step. Organization Solutions became a certified WBE with WEConnect International in 2020.

Breaking boundaries
“Scaling growth was a challenge because of the specialized skill sets required by top consultants. In 2020, I participated in a Moody’s Bootcamp delivered in partnership with WeConnect International. This experience made me realize that being self-funded was a barrier to the growth of my business,” said Alison. This insight led her to take the leap to spin off Produgie and raised $400K from angel investors. That was the seed money needed to get Produgie going. And going it did!

Within its first 18 months, Produgie sold more than 4,700 licenses and raised over 600K USD of capital. By the end of 2022, its valuation reached 10M USD. It achieved annual recurring revenue of more than 750K and secured multi-year contracts with major companies. And all for the price of less than 200 USD/person/year – less than the cost of one hour of coaching!

Achieving phenomenal growth
Produgie’s trailblazing success story continues to unfold, as it forges ahead with its commitment to innovation and expansion. In addition to launching the groundbreaking ESG Sprint library, Produgie has taken the initiative to empower women in the workplace. Partnering with Organization Solutions and a channel of ‘solopreneurs’ they offer bundled services that enhance coaching and leadership development.

Growth with purpose
Produgie’s overarching goal has always been to create a more equitable world with better workplaces for all. It now offers free access to its Growth Leader 360 and Women Growth Leaders Sprint library to non-profits dedicated to advancing the success and achievement of women in the workplace. With a vision to onboard 1 million women and to scale mentoring, coaching, and leadership development, Produgie is fully committed to its purpose.

So, what lies ahead for Produgie?
Alison’s unwavering vision is to raise Series A in 2024. With a dedicated team of 14 employees, 40 small coaching and leadership development consulting firms certified to use its technology, and a growing list of satisfied customers, we are confident that Alison and Produgie will continue to revolutionize the world of leadership development, making waves and setting the standard for years to come.

If you want to be a part of the Produgie success story, check out their website at www.produgie.com or email Alison directly at alison.eyring@produgie.com.


Website: www.produgie.com

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/alisoneyring/?originalSubdomain=sg

Twitter: https://twitter.com/DrAlisonEyring