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Farida Gibbs: Aligning with Customer Sparks MasterCard Deal

Farida Gibbs, the CEO and Founder of Gibbs Hybrid, was fed up with the lack of integrity and customer service at companies where she worked. 

“I saw big gaps in things like core values and alignment with customers,” says Farida, “so I decided to set up on my own company to instill what I believe was good ethical business.” 

Gibbs Hybrid was the result. Headquartered in the UK, the company provides a one-stop-shop for IT and business services around the globe. 

“Ultimately,” says Farida, “I set up Gibbs Hybrid because I have a passion for people and a passion for customer centricity.”

This passion and drive helped inspire Gibbs to become a WEConnect International Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE) nearly 10 years ago in 2009.

“The WEConnect International network has always been a central part of our business, even from its early days. It was the ultimate dream and platform to help showcase my business and what we could offer prospective clients under one roof.”

In 2016, Farida attended a WEConnect International matchmaking event where she was connected to buyers at Mastercard. After the initial conversation, Farida and her team invested in multiple client meetings and in-depth research to build alignment with MasterCard’s business and stakeholder groups. 

“We even got involved in Mastercard business events and partner forums to build high levels of engagement, support and key relationships across the business,” notes Farida.

Finally, an opportunity came from Mastercard, a Master Services Agreement was signed, and the first Scope of Work was executed.  

Mark Bromley, Director, Sourcing & Supplier Management at Mastercard, saw a differentiating factor in Gibbs Hybrid. “The people are lovely, engaging and friendly but also know what they are doing and are able to execute as needed. Their approach to the relationship shows that they understand the balance of supplier and customer with a friendly and pragmatic approach to business.”

Looking towards the future, “the Mastercard relationship has the potential to be transformational for Gibbs Hybrid,” notes Farida. 

As the company continues to experience unprecedented growth, Farida reflects on the value of her WBE certification. “Simply put, without WEConnect International, we wouldn’t be the company we are today.”

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