August 8, 2016


(August 8, 2016) Executive Director of WEConnect International in Nigeria Shade Ladipo recently spoke at “The Evolving Woman” event in Victoria Island, Lagos in early August. According to The Guardian:

“Ms. Shade Ladipo, Executive Director WEConnect International in Nigeria and Founder, Avienti Destination, a Management Company, observed that the general impression would be that women in Nigeria are not serious in business. Many are there to support the family or just see it as a means of survival, she noted.

But their handicap comes from issues like training, which tells them that they could not aim so high as females. ‘We have been defined by the society, but the new woman would have to redefine herself by building a credible brand which represents who she is.’

It would take courage, she cautioned: ‘Be ready to break rules, I had a mentor who told me that I could not do what I do today.’

‘Identify what makes you different that would help you build an online presence; be ambitious,’ she advised. Ms. Ladipo, who has made a reputation as helping women-owned businesses to succeed and has cofounded some NGOs, revealed that she never had formal training in all businesses that are run by her.”

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