UK & Ireland
August 25, 2015


Southampton-based SEaB Energy, a WEConnect International certified women-owed business, has received EU funding that will help it accelerate the adoption of its innovative, waste-to-energy technology across Europe and international markets.

The company’s patented micro-power plants, housed in standardised shipping containers, turn food scraps, grass clippings and animal waste into heat, electricity and water directly on the site where the waste is produced. This generates an attractive revenue stream, eliminates the need to transport food waste to distant processing plants and significantly reduces the site’s carbon footprint.

The grant has been awarded by LoToNo; a ground breaking regional project to help nurture innovative business that develop low-carbon solutions in Dorset, Hampshire and the Isle of Wight. Funding for the project has come directly from the EU and will provide SEaB Energy, along with 24 other regional businesses creating novel solutions to sustainability challenges, with access to technological and design expertise and a network of research organisations, as well as a valuable injection of cash.

Sandra Sassow, CEO of SEaB Energy, said:

“This EU funding will not only help us to expand into other European markets but will also give us access to valuable expertise that can help us refine our products for other market sectors. As one of the UK’s most innovative waste transformers, our ‘power-in-a-box’ technology is gaining accelerated adoption by both the public and private sector. This is due to the very attractive return on investment, achieving a cash-positive position from the first year, and its ability to offset carbon, which is becoming increasingly important for new building projects.”

LoToNo Programme Manager, Anna Traylor (link is external), said:

“This inspiring project is aimed at helping businesses to play their part in emerging low-carbon, resource-efficient industries by developing truly innovative solutions to that tackle today’s environmental challenges. Our remit is to not only identify and then select these cutting-edge businesses but to also to help them flourish by connecting them to our extensive network of international design and technology experts who will help, for example, improve or adapt their product offering. We’re delighted to be able to help SEaB Energy break into new markets with their ground-breaking micro-power plant technology and look forward to seeing the results of this investment.”

LoToNo is co-funded by the European Union.