May 12, 2017


(May 12, 2017) When Dilek Sultan Ayan fully bought the long-established FMT in 2011, the company was mostly providing price-focused services to companies that used fleet vehicles. Even though the company had a high turnover rate, it was losing money. After preparing an effective step-by-step business plan, she spent the first year working on creating a new market for potential customers with her team in order to equalize the services they were selling with the customer expectations while working on substantial business improvements.

The customers were looking for services they could buy for less than their current internal costs but there weren’t any companies that shared their visions or that could deliver it. FMT had various meetings and workshops on the well-established fleet vehicle management techniques used in Europe. However the European system could not run properly in Turkey therefore they created their own system model.

By the end of 2012, FMT had developed the unique software called “Filoxi” that provides services for: vehicle fleet management, control and reports. The software was custom made for the market and provides cloud technology. By combining the cloud technology with the workforce of fleet experts, they made a software program that provides high customer satisfaction. In the year 2013, they completed their trademark registration and patent rights and started working with their very first customer, Sabancı Group, one of the biggest group in Turkey. By the end of 2013, they had already gained new customers like: Roche, Vodafone, Lokman and Saya Roche Diagnostic. Since then, the company’s revenue has been up and the profits have been growing.

Their customers are very pleased with the know-how, technology, control and consultancy services they are being provided in one sustainable/cost-effective package. In 2015, they got a 100% rating on the customer satisfaction survey.

In the year 2016, they made 3 new patent applications and developed new systems. In June 2016, they opened their first branch office in England. They currently have four major customers in England and they are still working on improvements focused on the services they are providing. Their aim is to branch out in the European market by the year 2020.

They are currently providing services to over 10,000 customers.

In 2017, Dilek was nominated for the WEConnect International Award for Fastest Growing Business