Regional Director, Europe & MENA

Jerome Flint

As a Regional Director, Jerome Flint is leading the Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa (MENA) team, with a mission to enhance partnerships between Member Buyers and Women-Owned Businesses and generate more opportunities for their economic growth in the global marketplace.  Through his extensive work in the space of startups and entrepreneurship, he has played a leadership role in launching and growing multiple companies in Europe and MENA regions.  This experience has given him an expertise level in the commercial side of operations, strategic marketing, fundraising, and scaling businesses in different industries, such as B2B and B2C.

Jerome understands the importance of sustainability and its integral role in running a successful business.  He aims to incorporate sustainability into everything he does to create a positive and sustainable impact on the global marketplace and environment.  This commitment has been continuously serving as a driving factor in his work.

With his Bachelor of Science degree in International Hospitality Management, Jerome is also well-placed to understand the needs of businesses in these highly diverse regions and to use his strong multilingual skills to communicate with entrepreneurs from all backgrounds.

Not only is Jerome a great asset to the team, but he is also a great person to know.  His passion for traveling around the world and learning about diverse cultures, combined with his enthusiasm for history, nature, and sports, make him a true global citizen.

Jerome is passionate about helping others reach their goals and strives to bring out the best in everyone he works with.  His ambitious nature and commitment to excellence have allowed him to achieve success on the global stage and serve as an inspiration for those around him.  He is always looking for ways to support the growth of Women-Owned Businesses and has been an active member of multiple organizations, and events that promote diversity, equity, and inclusion around the world.  He is also a strong advocate for education and innovation and has been involved with initiatives to support and empower young people in the Europe and MENA region.