Your business readiness level is: optimizing

Congratulations! Closing more business deals is the priority for your company to secure a steady growth rate and expansion. You are advanced in the development journey of your company, so it is paramount to pursue competitive advantage and continuous innovation and improvement of the critical areas of your business.

Here are some recommendations based on your answers:


Activities are tailored and aligned with your strategy reinforcing consistency which is key to drive sustainable growth. Competitive advantage is about innovating and listening to your client to develop new solutions and reduce costs.


Your company is all about improving your client experience while identifying new opportunities for market expansion. It is vital to ensure your branding is consistent and that your sales team is incentivized to continue growing their portfolios. Your marketing and sales strategy should feed on data analytics that you obtain from the different efforts.


All your financial operations should be automated with integrated software. Your company is audit-ready, and you have access to timely information. Improving your operating cash cycle can contribute to your company’s growth strategy.


Your company aims for continuous improvement fully integrated into all processes and high quality throughout the value chain. Similarly, your company should be in the process of meeting ESGs requirements to do business with large buyers, and your company is certified with some of the recommended standards for your industry. In addition, risk management should be embedded in the organization’s decision-making process.


If your company is enabling collaboration to the point that it is enabling rapid response and process innovation, you are on the right track. You thrive to become a good place to work for your collaborators, and you should continue to find ways to promote a diverse and dynamic environment.