October 7, 2019


NIGERIA, October 7, 2019 — More than 250 female entrepreneurs, business leaders, speakers, stakeholders, procurement professionals and media were highly impressed with the WEConnect International 2019 Conference in Nigeria “Embracing Innovation for Business Success.” They reportedly learned an immense amount of useful strategies to apply to their businesses.  

For example, two revealing panel discussions focused on emerging innovation tools for small and medium-sized businesses, and explored how today’s successful corporations are using them. With real-world stories, attendees discovered the potent relationship between strategic innovation and business expansion.  

The outgoing Country Director, Shade Ladipo, exhorted attendees to stop being scared of innovation, technology and change, pointing out that big risk comes with big change and most times big change wins.  

Turning to advice on selling to leading corporations in Nigeria, representatives from event sponsor ExxonMobil, IFC and others talked about how their global organizations work to achieve supplier diversity and inclusion goals through mentoring and supporting women-owned businesses.

ExxonMobil’s Judith Mbonu (Area Procurement Manager, Nigeria) said “The main objective of this partnership [with WEConnect International] is to identify opportunities for women to mentor other women, develop them, nurture them and continue to hold their hands and ensure that they not only grow but have sustainable businesses across the globe.”  

Later, ExxonMobile held a “Meet the Buyer” session where women businesses learned of supplier opportunities available at ExxonMobil and practical advice on how to harness them. 

With registrations more than double the event capacity, the 2019 National Conference proved a strong interest in WEConnect International’s work and activities in the region.