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August 25, 2013


My Business, My Success is a refreshingly honest, easy-to-read guide to starting up and running a business; this newly published book touches on all the key areas any budding female entrepreneur will need to know if they want to succeed. It simplifies the process of starting and growing a business with clearly defined steps and goals – without any heavy jargon or concepts.

Author Helen Jamieson, one of WEConnect’s certified WBEs, has enjoyed a successful career founding her first business over 17 years ago. In 2011 Helen was appointed an EU female entrepreneurship ambassador and in 2013 she won an Enterprising Women of the Year Award. With her ongoing interest in female entrepreneurship, My Business, My Success was written both to share her experiences and advice but also to encourage more thinking about the different challenges women face.

Helen says, “The book isn’t just about the practicalities of setting up and running a business; it’s about so much more than that; it’s about the whole rollercoaster ride of entrepreneurship. It’s also not about women vs. men, but over the years I’ve discovered so many things are different for women in business and trying to speak, think and behave like men in business isn’t helping women succeed. This book is about understanding what we face, recognising our unique gifts and playing to our strengths.”

Helen’s writing is direct and clear but has a war, personal touch and her numerous stories can only have come from real-life experiences. Unlike many other writers, Helen doesn’t shy away from the difficult topics, but her upbeat and amusing style make this book immensely readable.

Tina Thomson, Global Director of international networking group United Succes says “An invaluable ‘must-read’ for all business owners – not only those starting up. Helen’s down-to-earth honesty and humour make the book easy to read and her extensive experience and practical advice is priceless. The tips from entrepreneurs she interviewed at the end are the cherry on the top of this unique book.”

Helen aspires to create an international My Business, My Success online community based around the book; a place for woman to share ideas and stories and provide support to each other when they feel like they are up against it or just need an extra bit of support. No matter where women are based in the world, or what role they currently have, the book and community are designed to be essential tool kits for any budding female entrepreneur.

Helen says “Running a business can sometimes be like riding a heart stopping rollercoaster. In writing my book, what I wanted most of all was to find a way to make each woman’s personal rollercoaster considerably more fun, exciting and successful rather than scary, risky and stressful! ”

The book can be bought online here: http://www.mybusinessmysuccess.com/product/business-success/

About the Author

Helen has an MA in Arabic Studies and during her early career lived in both Germany and Qatar. Helen has owned and run her own businesses for over 17 years. She set up her current business Jaluch, (a human resources and training consultancy) in 2002 after selling her first business in 2001. Helen loves innovation and adventure and particularly dislikes the professional obsession and blind adherence to ‘best practice’ that can run rampant in the HR industry. Helen prides herself on running businesses that deliver what they say they will deliver on time and within budget.