September 27, 2018


As a woman entrepreneur growing her business in Brazil, Monica Cardoso Schimenes de Oliveira has faced many challenges. Becoming active with WEConnect International gave her a network of women who faced similar challenges: It was “like recognizing my life in the lives of so many other businesswomen. It gave me confidence to participate in the certification process,” she said. Once Monica’s company, MCM Brand Group, was certified by WEConnect International in 2015, she and her team began engaging in WEConnect’s business matchmaking and other events to connect with corporate buyers. Her WEConnect International certification and lots of hard work has paid off: she just won a new contract with Dell.

For Monica and MCM Brand Group, the opportunity to attend events and meetings with corporations as a WEConnect International certified WBE has given them critical business connections and insight into how companies think about diversity in practical ways. With WEConnect International certification, MCM Brand Group was accepted to and graduated from Monsanto’s Supplier Diversity Mentorship Program.

WEConnect International WBE certification and market access events also helped MCM Brand Group win a contract with Dell Brazil for 2018. Dell invited them to apply for a contract and they were able to submit a proposal that specifically addressed Dell’s needs and was in accordance with Dell’s Supply Chain and Marketing requirements.

WEConnect International certification has not only driven new business and connections to MCM Brand Group, it has driven Monica and her company to pursue larger goals, improve their processes and productivity, and become results oriented. After securing the contract with Dell, they are increasing their revenue and profitability goals, creating jobs, preparing women for new leadership roles, and expanding their own network of suppliers.

MCM Brand Group is located in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Since 1997, it has offered integrated communications services that promote meetings between ideas, brands, and people in diverse environments in both Brazil and the United States. They lead projects ranging from visual communications design and digital marketing to event production and branding.

Learn more about how becoming a WEConnect International certified Women’s Business Enterprise provides market access opportunities – real connections that can boost your business!

Visit MCM Brand on Facebook and on the web at http://mcmbrand.group and watch Monica explain her work with WEConnect in Portuguese.