UK & Ireland
August 25, 2017


In her BBC article “Dine in peace: The firms supporting lone female travellers,” Sarah Treleaven writes about the unique challenges women face when they travel for business – challenges Carolyn Pearson, founder of the WEConnect International certified enterprise Maiden Voyage, recognized almost a decade ago when she started her company. As she Carolyn put it, “I wanted to create a network for women ┬áto connect and have dinner and do nice things.”

Sarah expounds on Maiden Voyage’s origin and services:

“Maiden Voyage’s founder, Carolyn Pearson, set up the service in 2008, following a lonely business trip to Los Angeles.

Upon returning to the UK she did some market research, which confirmed that many other business women were in her shoes – spending evenings in their hotel rooms to avoid the embarrassment of going out for dinner on their own, or receiving unwanted attention.

Maiden Voyage now has 8,000 members, operates in more than 80 countries, and offers services including recommending female-friendly hotels and restaurants, as well as cultural training for women going to less familiar environments.

Membership is free for individuals, but companies pay for their female employees to join, and the company’s corporate clients include oil and gas companies, luxury brands, and universities.”