July 6, 2016


Thought leadership strategist and certified woman business owner Mindy Gibbons-Klein recently wrote a blog post for Huffington Post UKon the everyday consumer’s power to promote and support equality and diversity. Within the article, Mindy highlights WEConnect International’s #Buy16in16 campaign. She writes:

“Last week I attended the annual conference and trade fair of the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC), which has been promoting and supporting women in business for nearly 20 years. Among the traders and speakers, the cause being championed this year was #Buy16in16 – an initiative that has been devised to increase public awareness of women-owned businesses and encourage trading with such companies.

In order to direct support and encouragement at prospective entrepreneurs, WBENC and WEConnect International work at tackling the societal issues that prevent women from going into business, and spreading awareness of the female-led market. Their partnership with professional Boards and Governmental Departments make them the go-to organizations for support in business. WEConnect International’s latest campaign #Buy16in16 is one of many ongoing efforts to champion women in business. In a nutshell – people are challenged to purchase 16 products or services from women-led companies in 2016, and spread the word about their buys. By exploring the female-led market and sharing their experiences, customers everywhere will get a refreshed insight of the realities and potential of women in business today.”

Read the blog post.