April 8, 2020

Global Supplier Diversity & Inclusion Virtual Symposium

ONLINE, April 7, 2020 — WEConnect International hosted a world-class educational event for nearly 100 corporate procurement representatives for its first ever Global Supplier Diversity & Inclusion Virtual Symposium. The event was designed to provide first-hand experience and content from expert practitioners including tools and resources to successfully implement and expand global supplier diversity and inclusion. Corporate attendees participated in insightful presentations and panel discussions to expand their industry knowledge, connect with stakeholders and learn how to take part in advancing initiatives around the world.

Participants gained tangible tips, tools and resources to work with diverse suppliers globally. And inspiring speakers revealed new practices and innovative trends that are unique to SD&I efforts. The event demonstrated not just how to achieve organizational goals but also how to successfully lead in this global arena as well.

Speakers from USAID, Johnson & Johnson, SAP Ariba, Merck, Walmart, Accenture, ExxonMobil, IBM and Intel went in-depth into topics such as how to begin global SD&I efforts, collaborate with governments and manage a mature program, providing great detail about their personal experiences over the years. Experts also discussed the intricacies of leading and the future of Supplier Diversity.

Although the symposium attendees were spread out around the globe, conversations were lively, leading to many new connections.