September 29, 2021
7:00 am - 8:00 am EST

Leveraging Content Marketing to Upscale Your Business

This webinar will help WBEs/ WOBs boost their online presence and maximise every opportunity by supporting their business in positioning themselves as an industry leader through a winning content strategy. Learn how excellent search engine optimised content can accelerate your business to the next level by captivating and inspiring your audience to learn more about you.

Content marketing has the power to educate and build a meaningful connection with your audience. Whether you’re looking to appear higher on search rankings, be an influencer rather than a follower in your industry, create a stronger bond with your target audience or boost your sales, creating a captivating content strategy is the right decision.

Key Learning Points:
– Why content marketing will accelerate your business.
– How to personalise your content by identifying your customer avatars, key messaging, and tone of voice.
– How to create content that truly inspires your audience and maximises sales opportunities from your prospective leads at every stage of the purchasing funnel.
– How to use search engine optimisation to drive traffic to your website and boosts your online presence.
– How to build a winning content strategy with the content pillars approach.

Who is this for:
– Individuals, organisations and companies that communicate and present themselves online.
– Experts that understand the value of successful marketing and content strategies to boost their online presence but feel they lack the delivery and skills and/or technical tools to influence and persuade their audience with their marketing efforts.

Our presenter:
Kathryn Strachan is the owner & Managing Director of an award-winning technology content marketing agency in the UK, Copy House Ltd , a WEConnect International certified women’s business enterprise.

Kathryn started her career independently as a content marketer working with a small group of clients across various industries. Within 15 months, she has decided to grow and scale up her business by opening Copy House. Since 2019, Copy House has turned into a successful content marketing agency specialising in technology and FinTech. In the first two years, Copy House has successfully signed the FinTech open banking giant, Klarna and blue-chip brands like Travelex. Helping Klarna and Travelex boost their brand awareness via the use of cleverly crafted and engaging copy.

Kathryn is also a successful industry speaker that specialises in SEO, Content Marketing, and Company Culture talks. She has participated in numerous industry-leading events, most recently becoming a SEMrush verified speaker. Kathryn is passionate about creating a world that’s more accessible and fair with the power of words.