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What is Certification?

Our Women's Business Enterprise (WBE) Certification is a formal verification for corporations that they are purchasing goods and/or services from women-owned businesses that meet universal standards for certification. The four criteria considered for WBE certification are ownership, management, control, and independence, and businesses that meet the criteria are determined to be at least 51% owned, as well as, managed and controlled by one or more women.


The Benefits of Certification

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Access the eNetwork, a secure global community of corporate buyers and more than 7,000 women's business enterprises.

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Be invited to forums presented by corporate buyers with practical tips on how to win contracts with them.

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Network with procurement officers from member corporations and other women's business enterprises.

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Use the "Woman Owned" logo on consumer-facing products to promote your company.

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Get support to develop your business capacity.


The Certification Process

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The Seal of Certification Process is open to businesses based in the following countries:

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Other Frequently Asked Questions about Certification

Are there size or length-of-time in business requirements to become a certified WBE? 
No. However, WEConnect International recommends applicants be operating for several years before applying for WBE certification so they are able to leverage the certification.

What if my company is found ineligible for WBE certification? 
If your company is found ineligible for WBE certification WEConnect International will contact you and outline the reasons for the determination. You will be given 60 days to provide additional documentation for consideration. If inadequate or no documentation is provided within 60 days your company is eligible to re-apply for certification after one year has passed.

Does my company have to meet all of the business readiness criteria in order to become certified?
No. Business readiness is used as a tool to help you determine your company’s capacity to do business within a multinational corporation’s supply chain. WEConnect International can suggest specific training and opportunities based on your company’s business readiness.

More FAQs here

If you have additional questions, please contact the market lead in your country/region.