October 26, 2016


Studies show that when women earn a paycheck, they reinvest their money in their families and communities. But research also shows that women business owners still lack the access to the networks, training and finance they need to grow their businesses and build prosperity.

We provide women business owners with the skills, training and networks they need to succeed in global markets – preparing them to compete for opportunities and work effectively with international corporations. Your donation of:

  • $15 covers the cost for one business owner to attend a business training webinar.
  • $50 pays for a one-on-one business consultation between a woman entrepreneur and one of our market experts.
  • $200 turns a one-on-one business consultation into a full mentorship between a woman business owner and one of our market experts.
  • $500 enables our market leads to travel beyond metropolitan areas to ensure women business owners in rural communities have access to global opportunities.
  • $1500 covers the average travel costs and fees for a woman business owner to attend an international trade show and start making business connections.

Join us in connecting women business owners with global opportunity!