January 12, 2017


Free Online Event: How to Have a Less Stressful 2017 – Effective Ways to Handle Stress

Date and Time: Monday, January 23, 2017 – 12:00 to 13:00 GMT

Stress is an interpretation of what is happening to us. It’s our thoughts and the story we tell ourselves about an event or circumstance that create the emotional upset, racing heart rate, shallow breathing, surging adrenalin and other symptoms of the stress response.

Handling stress is like being a skillful surfer. If you are prepared, every wave is exhilaration. If you are not prepared, every wave is a disaster. Fortunately, learning how to deal effectively with stress doesn’t require any athletic ability – it’s a skill that anyone can learn. With a little practice, instead of continually being triggered into a stress response by outside situations and thoughts in your mind, you can learn to spend more time in your own natural state of well-being.

The goal of different practices isn’t to try to control the flow of life so that you’ll never experience stress or frustration again; the secret is to be patient and offer yourself compassion as you learn to respond to challenges from a place of peace and calm.

Key learning points in this webinar will include:

  • Understanding stress
  • Fight and Flight response
  • Effects on brain and body
  • Effective ways of dealing with stress
  • Practice gratitude
  • Balanced diet
  • Meditation and breathing practices
  • Exercise to minimize and eliminate stresses from one’s life
  • How to deal with disturbing emotions

Register online: https://weconnect-effective-ways-to-handle-stress.eventbrite.com

About the Presenter

Elena Georgiadou
, founder of NovusVita, a WEConnect International women-owned business, inspires women to live healthier, successful and happier lives and step more fully in their greatness unleashing their fullest potential by introducing them to tools and ideas that have been missing from traditional educational systems.

After her studies in the UK, Elena had a successful career in the corporate world. Following her deepest calling, she continued her studies in Naturopathy and Ayurveda –The Science of life, in Australia and the United States. She has studied with Inspiration Leaders such as Deepak Chopra and Jean Houston.

She blends her extensive background training and experience with her distinguished knowledge in personal transformation, stress management, and wellness.

As a professional speaker, she delivers insightful workshops and lectures about conscious lifestyle based on self care, self awareness and conscious choice making.

She is a selected member of several global women’s organizations such as Business women of Egypt and United Success where women from different countries and backgrounds become active agents of cultural evolution.