April 6, 2019


Big thank you to Accenture, together with the Sydney Harbour Marriott, sponsors of our “Meet the Member” event on Thursday 6 April.

A lot of positive energy was shared among the 40 business women who attended, eager to learn more about how to do business with large corporations.

In a panel discussion, WEConnect International corporate members Accenture, IBM and Johnson & Johnson offered prudent insights into how these women-owned businesses can best to connect with corporate decision-makers to sell their goods and services.

Certified Women Business owners also had the opportunity to present their companies, not only to our panel members, but also to other corporate members including Marriott, Microsoft, MSD, Citi and Westpac.

In addition, through networking, business opportunities were also discovered among the women businesses at the event.   A great afternoon and an enthusiastically received event with the potential of good business opportunities for all involved.

Photo 1: Marcus Cullen, Accenture, meets with women business owners

Photo 2: (Panel left to right) Anne Tesch, Country Director, WEConnect International in Australasia; Marcus Cullen, Accenture; Geoffrey Adan, IBM; and Rebecca Loch, Johnson & Johnson

Photo 3: Rebecca Loch, Johnson & Johnson, meets with woman business owner