August 31, 2018


María Elena Cruces is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of Comunicar, a professional translation and interpretation service company based in Mexico. Ten years after starting her own personal business in 1990, María Elena officially established Comunicar as a formal corporate entity to keep up with growing demands for quality work in the linguistics service industry. After receiving certification from WEConnect International in 2016, Comunicar has confirmed supplier contracts from several, prominent multinational corporations including AT&T, DuPont, and ExxonMobil.

With years of extensive translation and interpreting experience, María Elena strategically built her team of interpreters in different areas with multiple languages so they could best support her in a variety of different projects. Furthermore, all of Comunicar’s translators are certified experts authorized by the Superior Justice Court of Mexico City, by the Federal Judiciary Council, and by the Fiscal and Administrative Superior Justice Court. This deep commitment to expertise and professionalism impressed several WEConnect International corporate members when María Elena attended the Annual WEConnect International Forum in Mexico in 2016. One corporate member, ExxonMobil, was particularly impressed: “I introduced my services to one of the ExxonMobil corporate buyers during the initial matchmaking business meeting,” Maria Elena says, “and one week after the event, I was invited to their offices.”

In addition to the benefits of matchmaking events and relationship building, María Elena notes, “One of the reasons that motivated me to become certified, was the idea of being a part of a group of women entrepreneurs who, in possibly facing similar concerns, could share experiences and knowledge in different areas.” The training offered by WEConnect International has also represented, according to María Elena, a “substantial added value, knowledge to be better prepared [to do business with corporates], and a readiness tool to meet the needs of the corporate members.”

In 2017, Maria Elena was chosen to participate in the WEConnect International P&G Entrepreneurship Training Program and was later included in the Panel of Businesswomen that offered their testimonies at the Annual WEConnect International in Mexico Forum in November of that same year. In 2017 alone, Comunicar achieved a 40% increase in sales and is now currently in contact with several other WEConnect International corporate members including Accenture, EY, Johnson & Johnson, Monsanto, and Pfizer, among others.