March 6, 2017


Date & Time:  Monday, March 27, 2017 – 12:00 to 13:00

Location:  Free Online Event

Is globalization bringing us closer together? Think again. With refugees crossing cultures without preparation, in extreme haste for basic survival, the vastly documented dangers of intercultural miscommunication are intensifying. Already, in a multicultural workplace or in international teams dispersed around the globe, tensions multiply when disagreements occur over the smallest of things. In our hyper-connected world (YouTube, Twitter, Facebook etc.), colliding cultures increasingly cause misperceptions and mistrust, affecting worker performance and productivity.

The purpose of this free webinar is to explore varying approaches to work and conflict resolution that impact productivity and trust when working with people from diverse backgrounds. We will look at a case study of a failed international merger and 2-3 critical incidents that highlight the need to be aware of culture-specific core values that underlie behaviour and use this as a springboard to build trust with international colleagues and business partners.

Key learning points in this webinar will include:

  • A method to approach cross-cultural situations confidently
  • Skills to build understanding across cultural gaps
  • Collaboration that leverages differences as assets

You can register for this free event online here: https://weconnect-leading-multicultural-teams.eventbrite.com

Our Presenter:

Christina Kwok is a global leadership coach and the owner of Cross-Cultural Synergies, a WEConnect International women-owned business. Before diversifying into intercultural skills training, Christina worked for multinational companies in the oil and gas, energy insurance and building industries and has a broad multicultural exposure to life on three continents. Being Malaysian, she has grown up in a multicultural society composed of Malays, Chinese and Indians and can well relate to the meaning of “crossing cultures” in its deeper sense. She now lives in Zurich, Switzerland.  Her special strength is applying her business acumen and intercultural expertise to help European business build better trust-based relationships with their Chinese/Asian counterparts, avoiding not only embarrassing faux pas but also costly failures such as serious loss of business and reputation. She also helps senior leaders develop effective global leadership skills so as to better lead and motivate their diverse teams across cultures.