CEO Video Interviews

Alaina Teplitz, U.S. Ambassador to Sri Lanka, interviewed by WEConnect International’s CEO and Co-Founder Elizabeth A. Vazquez

WEConnect International in Sri Lanka has embarked on a three-year project to work with partners to create a more seamless integration of Sri Lankan certified women’s business enterprises into corporate, multilateral and government value chains.

Caren Grown, World Bank Group, chats with CEO Elizabeth Vazquez in Dhaka 2020

Caren Grown, Global Director for Gender at the World Bank Group, chats with WEConnect International’s CEO and Co-Founder, Elizabeth Vazquez in Dhaka, Bangladesh, during the “2020 Corporate Connect: Strengthening Market Access for Women Business Owners” Annual Conference on how to accelerate inclusive sourcing from women entrepreneurs.

Elizabeth Vazquez, CEO and Co-Founder WEConnect International W20 Berlin 2017

The CEO and founder of WEConnect talks about the need for women to have equal access to markets.

Sourcing from Women: Meeting in the Middle USAID Leadership Conference 2013

In this video, Elizabeth Vazquez of WEConnect International summarizes the discussion of how Walmart, along with other major corporations, are supporting women business-owners through strategic buying and sourcing. For more on this seminar, visit the USAID Women’s Leadership Small and Medium Enterprises website https://www.usaid.gov/kyrgyz-republic/fact-sheets/womens-leadership-small-and-medium-enterprises-wlsme-program

South Africa Conference, Scaling up in 2020, Elizabeth Vazquez on the Coronavirus situation

Elizabeth Vazquez, CEO and Co-Founder WEConnect International at Women’s Forum Mexico 2016

Elizabeth speaks about her hero, Mahadma Ghandi