South Africa
May 10, 2017


Women Business Owners Take the Stage


(May 10, 2017) Excitement and anticipation were palpable as 34 certified women’s business enterprises (WBEs) each took a deep breath and stepped up to pitch her business to a panel comprised of Elizabeth A. Vazquez, CEO & Co–Founder, WEConnect International and corporate representatives from IBM, MSD, EY, Accenture, Ingersoll Rand, UPS, Johnson & Johnson and SARS. This ‘live’ event followed on the Advisory Council meeting on 10 May 2017 ahead of the WEConnect International in South Africa’s Annual Conference at EY in Johannesburg.

All the WBEs received applause from the floor for their efforts and useful guidance

from the attending corporates on how to improve and enhance their pitches. They were also encouraged to attend the ‘Perfecting your Pitch’ training offered by WEConnect International in South Africa.

There was a further opportunity for WBEs to participate in the matchmaking process with corporates, which followed on the pitch opportunity.

Certified WBEs have an outstanding chance of securing procurement contracts from global corporates members of WEConnect International.

For more information, contact:

Jean Chawapiwa, Country Director of WEConnect International in South Africa |  jchawapiwa@weconnectinternational.org | +27 836606586