November 5, 2020

Aléas – Marie-Claude Du Cap

1. How long have you been in business and why did you start?

Aléas was born in 2016 after I returned from a mandate in Western Africa working for an NGO. During my stay abroad, I encountered many safety issues that could have been avoided if my employer would have structured better its activities in the field. I rapidly made a connection with the different projects I led around the world when I worked for the educational industry; safety was lacking there too! Aléas was born to help organizations keep their staff safe and to protect their company’s assets and reputation.

 2. What is your go-to elevator pitch?

Did you know that 80% of employee-related accidents that occur while traveling are related to transportation? Many of these situations could have been avoided if proper pre-departure training or simple rules had been implemented in organizations. With Aléas, our clients develop a strategy to keep their people safe and ensure a healthy return home!

3. Which geographical areas do you service? 

Aléas is well-established in Canada and work with organizations around the world. All of our products and services are available in both English and French [speakers]. We also serve Spanish-speaking clients.

 4. How long has your organization been certified with WEConnect International?  

I have been certified since November 2019.

 5. What are the benefits of this network and of certification? 

Over the last year, the WEConnect International network has served me well. I’ve met other women entrepreneurs and was able to expand my network.

The resources and the information that circulates amongst WEConnect International is of high quality and clearly contributes to my success as a woman business owner as well as an individual.

6. Any big plans or announcements you would like to share?

Right now, if enterprises do not relaunch their commercial activities abroad, they might miss out on opportunities or lose market shares. Covid-19 is a manageable threat and Aléas can help organizations with that.  By implementing the right mitigation measures, processes, and protocols, Aléas reopens the world to your business!

 Website:  aleas.ca

Email:   mcducap@aleas.ca