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In Costa Rica, WEConnect International has partnered with Bright Solutions, an advertising and events management company with presence throughout Central America, to deliver WEConnect International services. 

VIDEO: The Costa Rica Minister of Economy, Industry and Trade, Mayi Antillon, talks during the 2nd. Annual WEConnect International Forum in Costa Rica about WEConnect International and the importance of promoting women's economic inclusion. (In Spanish with English Subtitles) -October 31, 2013. 

VIDEO: Speakers from the 2nd. Annual WEConnect International Forum in Costa Rica talk about WEConnect International and the importance of promoting women's economic inclusion. (In Spanish) -October 31, 2013. 


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Costa Rica Invitacion Mesa Redonda Autorregistradas Nov 2015 final final


2015 LAF Mex CR ChileFirst Latin American Regional Forum
"Connecting Women-Owned Businesses with Global Value Chains"

On March 26, 2015, WEConnect International held its first regional forum in Colombia featuring key speakers, training sessions, networking opportunities, and a trade fair.  This event also marked WEConnect International’s official opening in Colombia and features its Women Business Enterprises (WBEs). Special recognition awards were also presented to WBEs, WEConnect International corporate members, and partnership organizations that have demonstrated exceptional success and leadership. 

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  • El Economista America: "Empresarias colombianas se vincularán a grandes cadenas globales de valor"
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iamwomancostarica 250Costa Rica WBE Featured in #iamwoman Campaign

(18 March 2015) "In Costa Rica, there are two threats to economic empowerment for women. The first are the extend formalities for any company in order to function, limited by bureaucracy. Second, there is the mentality impregnated within our society, where often its women who put obstacles in front of herself from reaching her goals and achieve the economic empowerment.

Economic empowerment for women entrepreneurs today is increasingly a reality thanks to efforts of different organizations in Latin America, such as WEConnect International, where valuable tools for companies led by women and empower you to provide in order to grow, and not just immediate but to expand globally."

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Empresas con esencia femenina: conozca algunos negocios forjados por mujeres destacadas

CostaRicaWED2014a(20 Nov 2014) Desarrollar un negocio propio es una tarea difícil, pues conlleva no solo muchas horas de trabajo, sino inversión, sudor, lidiar con 'moretones' por las caídas y fracasos que se llegan a experimentar, y -por supuesto- no pueden faltar las lágrimas.

Para las mujeres, establecer un negocio a veces puede resultar un reto mayor, pues -aunque tienen las mismas capacidades que los hombres- aún hoy en una sociedad más avanzada existen obstáculos que enfrentar debido a los numerosos 'roles sociales' que se ve obligada a cumplir una mujer.

Sin embargo, muchas han desafiado los patrones sociales y salido adelante con sus negocios.

Esto quedó demostrado ayer durante la rueda de negocios realizada en el Hotel Marriot, en Belén de Heredia, donde participaron mujeres empresarias que forman parte de la red We Connect Costa Rica, organización especializada en brindar respaldo al sector femenino empresarial...


30 pequeñas empresarias ampliaron contactos en rueda de negocios celebrada hoy 

CostaRicaWED2014b(19 Nov 2014) La mañana de este miércoles se realizó una rueda de negocios  en la que alrededor de 30 pymes integradas por mujeres ofrecieron sus productos y establecieron contactos de negocios con multinacionales y empresas como Marriot, el Banco Nacional, Intel, Cefa, Citi, la Clínica Bíblica, Ernst & Young, Microsoft, Sodexo, Walmart y el Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo.

Las mujeres empresarias forman parte de la red We Connect Costa Rica, que opera desde el 2012 en el país y que se dedica a apoyar los emprendimientos de mujeres en diferentes áreas: tecnología, alimentos, diseño de ropa, joyería, comunicación, catering service, arquitectura, entre otras.

Algunos negocios que participaron son The Gluten Free Factory, Étnico, LCF Beachwear, Scatola Rosa, Impresión Digital Directa, Full Technology, Integratel, Uno a Uno Mercadeo, Tortillas La Malinche y Chile Jelly.


Historia de Exito CR



Costa Rican WBEs focusing on healthy living win free consulting support from EY

May 21, 2014 - Rossella Selmi,  owner of La Pequeña Granja, and María Claudia Vargas, owner of The Gluten Free Factory, are the winners in an innovative contest co-organized by WEConnect International and Corporate Member Ernst & Young for WEConnect International-certified WOBs in Costa Rica.   Read more...



WEConnect International caps busy week in Costa Rica as signatory of historic document

Mayi AntillonPresidenta

WEConnect International and representatives of public and private organizations that support female empowerment joined Costa Rican President Laura Chinchilla on February 27th in a ceremony in San José to sign an executive decree supporting the economic development of women.

Belisa de las Casas, Director of Latin America for WEConnect International, and Sequeira co-signed the historic document with President Chinchilla on behalf of WEConnect International.

“WEConnect International is extremely proud to be a part of this historic event that reflects the deep commitment of the government of Costa Rica to the progress of women business owners,” de las Casas explained.

The ceremony marked the start of the second stage of “Where are the Productive Women in Costa Rica?”, a program that aims to raise the visibility of women who are active contributors to the country’s economy and to support their efforts. The first part of the initiative focused on building a network of 32 public and private organizations that promote women’s development. The second stage, launched at the ceremony, involves 40 development projects managed by women that will be monitored and supported by the network. In addition to the Executive Decree, the members of the network also signed a Letter of Understanding that formalized their cooperation.

President Chinchilla was accompanied by top government officials, including Mayi Antillón, Minister of Economy, Industry and Commerce. Representatives of other institutions actively involved in the initiative were also in attendance, including the leaders of the Instituto Nacional de la Mujer (National Institute of Women) and members of the network.

This initiative receives support from the Director of the Gender Affairs Division of the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC), with funding from the German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ). WEConnect International’s work in Costa Rica is generously supported by the Inter American Development Bank.

The day prior to the ceremony, Sequeira, was a featured speaker at an event hosted by WEConnect International Corporate Member Banco Nacional de Costa Rica.

The gathering featured workshops and an awareness building meeting.

Sequeira gave a presentation on WEConnect International’s work.

María Aminta Quirce, Director for Banca Mujer at Banco Nacional, discussed the financial array of products and services the bank offers to small and medium sized businesses.

Procomer, the foreign trade corporation of Costa Rica, presented information on the country’s strongest exporting sectors and discussed the challenges and opportunities for small and medium sized businesses.

Approximately 30 to 35 women business owners, all WEConnect International members and BN clients, attended the event. Joan Flynn, economic attaché of the US Embassy, and Abby Daniel, from the US Department of Commerce were also present.

Photos: Left: Costa Rica President Laura Chinchilla offers keynote remarks during the ceremony to sign an executive decree promoting women’s financial empowerment February 27th in San José. WEConnect International, along with other organizations devoted to gender issues, was one of the signatories of the historic document; Right: Mayi Antillón, Costa Rica Minister of Economy, receives from Antonina Sequeira, Market Lead for WEConnect International in Costa Rica, a copy of “Buying for Impact: How to Buy from Women and Change our World”, co-authored by WEConnect International CEO Elizabeth Vazquez, during the ceremony to sign an executive decree promoting women’s empowerment on February 27th in San José.

        Lea el comunicado de prensa en Español aquí.

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